Friday, January 27, 2012

Hi there!

Just checking up and saying a friend's house; he's playing MineCraft and I'm blogging. Obviously. BTW, I just rendered a twelve-second long animation for the intro to the H2G2-5. It's not in the movie, but it's very funny, if I do say so myself. But I got a question for you guys. It's 200 frames long, and I rendered it at 23.98 fps. But when I watch it in QuickTime, it cuts some of it out. Any advice?


  1. Try render at a nice number, like 25 or 30 fps. And render an image sequence instead. Also, don't render in Quicktime. I thought that was experimental. If you have to render a video, go RawAVI, because it's nice. You might get a big file, but you'll deal with it.
    If you don't want to rerender, then try VLC. It might work better.

  2. Well, my sister's stupid Dell always shuts itself off mid-render. it won't hold a charge, but I do have it plugged in! WTH?

  3. +1 to everything Hester said - rendering to images is much less trouble than rendering to a video file (if Blender crashes, then you just have to resume your render from the last rendered frame). it's also easier to re-render the frames into video in Blender's sequence editor afterwards - depending on the size and amount of colour in the images, it can take 0.5 to 5 seconds to render each of them... I've usually seen around or below 1 second.

    also, VLC rules :D I'm on Windows, so Quicktime is rather slow and unresponsive.

    P.S. btw, did you get the yellow-tint-problem fixed in the end? I'd replied to your comment on my blog, wasn't sure if you'd seen it or not...

  4. I'm on Windows too, and Quicktime hates it. I occasionally use WUBI to go on Ubuntu or Kubuntu though, because sometimes, I need the eye candy that Windows won't offer me.

  5. Yes, I did fix the color problem, by setting the "Ambient Color" to black, which seemed like the least obvious thing to do. i thought it's wash it all out in black. But it didn't.