Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Books!

So, like, this "trilogy" (there's five books) I just discovered is like the awesomest ever. It's, like, the awesomest ever even without the "like." So, you people...go buy these books. Don't steal them. You can steal a song on, but if you even think of stealing one of these books, digital or not, I will...un-follow you. If you can even do that.


Hey! It makes a whole picture! I never noticed that before...okay, so I did. And maybe that picture does look a Hell of a lot like the one hanging in my parent's bedroom, and yes, if any of you were to buy one of these books, I suppose it may make my family eight pounds or so richer...but hey, gas is expensive! (And yes, there are two more books, entitled Lords of the Ocean and All the Brave Fellows, which happens to be dedicated to me...just sayin'...and I'm currently 3/4 of the way through with The Maddest Idea.)

Hey I'm back...again

Hey peeps! I just got back from a weekend-long Catholic retreat called was so awesome! I re-met some peoples who I met a while ago at another retreat and they didn't recognise me, until I said "Hey I know you!" and they thought about it for a long time, then later they stopped me and said, "Okay. We need to establish where we've met you before." So we did. Anyways, it was like one big Catholic party with Journey and Katy Perry and all the good secular stuff too....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well, the last sixty-odd days of my life were pretty strange...not to mention that latest post, which, as was stated in the aforementioned broadcast of the happenings in my life, written on my local library (The Curtis Memorial)'s elderly computger, which I estimate is a Windows 2000. It's so slow it takes about ten seconds for a single letter that you type to appear on the screen, so by the time my mispellings are rendered visible by the aforementioned piece of junk, my mind has reverted to occupying its current thinking cells with other structural components of the message which I attempt to rely to all those who might be demented enough to enjoy the sort of stuff which is penned at my fingertips. Gosh, I sound like my Grandpa.

Also, a big, warm welcome to my newest follower, our very own prodigal daughter Susana, who was returned to us after many-a month blocking us all from her blog. Let us all go and follow her!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Okay, So I Posted Aomething from my Phone to this Effect around Midnight Last Saturday But I can See it Didn't Send...

Really descriptive title, huh? Anyways, Lent is overr, and, because I'm me, as soon as I was done needing to fast I got seriously ill and couldn't feast with all the other Catholics....And I see I now have three followers,  but I can't see who the third is, because I'm on my local library's public computer and it's really slow and irritating. But, woever you are, welcome!