Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Books!

So, like, this "trilogy" (there's five books) I just discovered is like the awesomest ever. It's, like, the awesomest ever even without the "like." So, you people...go buy these books. Don't steal them. You can steal a song on, but if you even think of stealing one of these books, digital or not, I will...un-follow you. If you can even do that.


Hey! It makes a whole picture! I never noticed that before...okay, so I did. And maybe that picture does look a Hell of a lot like the one hanging in my parent's bedroom, and yes, if any of you were to buy one of these books, I suppose it may make my family eight pounds or so richer...but hey, gas is expensive! (And yes, there are two more books, entitled Lords of the Ocean and All the Brave Fellows, which happens to be dedicated to me...just sayin'...and I'm currently 3/4 of the way through with The Maddest Idea.)


  1. 8 pounds?! For a book? I wonder if that's either normal, or your family should move over to the e-book business. Heard the profit margin is bigger.
    Anyway, I might try if I have time, as I like the other one he wrote. Umm.. "Glory in the Name"? Summin like that.

  2. My dad asks if you liked it, and says that it's a major award-winning novel.... I may not have the pound/dollar thing right yet...I still live in the US, despite my pleadings to be deported to England. I thought it was two pounds, fifty pence to one I wrong?