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My four main occupations are as follows (and I quote): Writing, cartooning, animating, and songwriting. Of all of them, my blog is most about animating. So I thought I'd have a new page for my songwriting, with lyrics, and sheet music. But JSYK, this stuff is copyrighted.

Amor et Oceanus
Copyright 2011 Nathaniel Nelson. All rights reserved.
For Amor et Oceanus on guitar, the strumming pattern is Down, down, down, down-up-down. It's like 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, if you know what I mean. More on this later.

To download your FREE copy of Amor et Oceanus sheetmusic and tablature, please follow this link:

Damn, I Feel Like a Fool
Copyright 2011-2012 Nathaniel Nelson. All rights reserved.
 This is one of, probably the best of my musical pieces, but it's got terrible lyrics, and the name is terrible as well. To play this song, you start with the intro. It goes like this:
|E7-E7-A7-A7-D7-D7-A7-E7| E7-A7-D7-G7-G6-G4| G7-G5-G7-B5-B5-B7-G7| (repeat) |G7-G5-G7-B5-B5-B7-G7|
After that you form a B power chord on the seventh fret, like X-5-7-7-6-0, and strum after every beat, like 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &. Then you switch to a G chord on the eighth fret, as in 8-7-0-0-7-7, and do the same. Keep alternating for the whole chorus, which, of course, you don't know the limits of, as I haven't given you the lyrics to this song, and probably never will, unless I rewrite them to sound actually awesome.

It's You
Copyright 2012 Nathaniel Nelson. All rights reserved.
This song is okay, one of my better ones, I'd say, and it doesn't sound half as pathetic as some of the others. To play the verses, you read the chords below. It's in 5/4 time, so the first beat of each measure is blank, then you strum the first chord down-up, then pause, then strum the next chord down, except for the last measure, in which you just play one chord per beat.

| G-Em | D-Am | G-Em | D-Am | G-D | Am-Em | G-G-D-Am-E |

For the chorus, you play:
(Lowercase letters mean "Only strum the highest string of the chord." Italics mean "half note.")

| d-D-g-G | G-Am-Em-G | d-D-g-G | G-Am-Em-G | d-D-g-G | G-Am-Em-G | G-G-D-Am-Em | G |

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