Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell... (Read the below post first!)

After a night spent pizza-ing and Hitchhiker-ing, and a 12:00-6:30 spent talking and Simpson-ing, all the Sea Scouts slowly drifted to bed, but not me! I stayed awake, and, having nothing to do awake, I turned to what I usually turn to in my time of need: The computer. Morespecifically, my sister's red Dell laptop, which has been through thick and thin with me: From the deserts of Nevada to the deserts of Utah to the deserts of Arizona to the frozen deserts of Maine.
     So, yeah, I decided to open Blender 2.54 and build a Pokemon Magnetite like MeshWeaver always does, but it turns out I've gotten a little rusty on my Pokemon stuff since age ten. I still haven't gotten around to selling my cards on eBay. So I decided, since animating the H2G2-5 always gets me irritable, to make Marvin. not LEGO Marvin, not even the cute, white plastic Marvin we (meaning I) all know from the 2005 movie, but the real, classic 1981 BBC TV series Marvin. Half an hour later, he's finished.

I took this...

...And turned it into this!
So, yeah, just wanted to convey to you that boredom is the best motivator.


  1. ...I haven't even seen Hitchhiker yet (yeah, I'm seven years late, haha), but I think I prefer 2005's design ;) looks good though! could use a bit better lighting to separate the model from the background - that or change the background colour - but overall it's pretty cool :D reminds me of those wind-up tin robots from the 50s (and they look awesome, so that's a good thing)

  2. I know. Marvin is awesome. Unfortunately, I saw the movie first, so when I read the books, I imagined Marvin big and white with greeen eyes, and Ford Prefect as Mos Def, which he definitely is not.

  3. I still think you managed to make him look cute. :)
    Cuter than the one on the top anyway. Are you still going to do more work on it?

  4. I dunno. It was just a one-night, did that sound awkward. But my big project right now is the H2G2-5.