Thursday, May 24, 2012


Who can tell me...

1) The first four-panel Garfield cartoon?

2) The first two-panel Far Side cartoon?

3) The only four times anyone has seen Arthur Dent without his bathrobe on?

4) The only time anyone's seen the top of a Smurf's head (courtesy of my litttle brother)?

Anyone? Anyone?


  1. 1) Garfield is four-panel? I always thought it was three!
    2) Far Side is two-panel? I always thought it was one!
    3) Is this the film? I haven't seen it. If this is the book, then I'm not really sure what people where in pages.
    4) I can guess, but I'm quite sure there's a reason why they always where hats. So I pity anyone who has seen their head.

    So obviously, I can't tell you anything.
    But nice to know you're still here!

  2. They are, but there's one four-panel Garfield and one two-panel Far Side. I meant "pyjamas" not "bathrobe." The only times you see him without his pyjamas on are 1. At the fancy dress party in the TV show, 2. At the fancy dress party in the graphic novel, 3. at the fancy dress party in the film, and 4. when he saves Ford Prefect in the film. My brother tells me that the only time you see the top of a Smurf's head is in "The Purple (or black) Smurfs," in which Papa Smurf's hat gets blown off in an explosion.