Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Play Journey of the Sorceror on Piano

I know I ussaly have short, concise, and descriptive (Julian Smith reference) post titles, but I'm hoping that this blog will appear when one Googles that very phrase (Apologies, Yahoo!).

Let me just begin by saying that "Journey of the Sorcerer" is my favorite theme music of all time, and that goes nicely with the fact that it's the theme (though not originally) of my favorite franchise of all time: The H2G2, or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I believe this is an easy-to-follow link and an easy-to-download .pdf file, but tell me if it's not...


Also, remember that I wrote it out like it was using all the "middle" keys, but it's precisely one octave higher in real life. And I figured it out by myself, so it may not be perfect...but since I've got it permanently stuck in my head, you can be pretty sure I know a thing or two about this theme.


  1. Ooh. It looks nice, and I'll have a play at it sometime. Maybe you have a left hand for it?... Anyway, I might have a go at it myself.

  2. No, no left hand. I might try to figure that out too sometime....